Creditfix are the largest supplier of personal insolvency solutions in the UK.

Learn how Visionblue CMS has helped them achieve efficiencies while managing such a large volume of cases.

The Problem

Creditfix deal with thousands of assignments on a daily basis which in itself presents various problems in terms of the day to day management of assignments. They were losing revenue due to leads not being converted into fee paying appointments.

They needed a solution that would allow them to work through such a large case load in the most efficient manner possible.

A plan to build efficient functionalities was put in place to allow Creditfix to spend less time tirelessly working through such a large amount of assignments.

We grouped documents into packs.

We then customised these document packs to meet with Creditfix standard documentation.

We built a bulk dividend wizard

which allows thousands of dividends to be paid in a matter of clicks.

We built a bulk fee calculation tool

meaning fees can be collected across thousands of cases in just a few steps.

We have incorporated nightly triggers

into the system for Creditfix which will automatically generate and print document packs on applicable cases.

We built a case review wizard

which allowed Creditfix to efficiently move from a lead received stage to an approved fee taking stage.

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The rate of cases in which Creditfix are appointed to is increasing on a monthly basis, as all areas of the team, from drafters to post appointment managers, have been able to work in a more efficient manner.

This has resulted in better quality case management, and given case managers
time to focus on what matters – the customer.

“If you look at the results we’ve achieved from partnering with Aryza – they’re really staggering. Productivity levels have increased four-fold, we’re moving cases so much faster, we have much better client engagement, lower arrears… it’s just been a hugely beneficial partnership for us.”

Pearse Flynn