aryza recover

A powerful tool for automating payment plans and collection strategies

A simple user interface for consumers that helps you gain a clear understanding of their income, outgoings, credit commitments, ongoing affordability and vulnerability, without the need for contact centre agents.

Inevitably some customers will fall into payment difficulties with their account. Aryza Recover allows you to manage this situation sensitively through an automated series of communications with customers that are defaulting, gathering information on affordability and vulnerability, and signposting the customer to an appropriate outcome. The system can automate payment plans, payment breaks, collections and provides an assisted version so your agents can get involved when they need to.

Features & Functionality

A more efficient way to support your customers

Aryza Recover includes a suite of tools for case management, customer onboarding and creditor engagement. Utilities providers such as energy, water, broadband and telecoms can benefit from automating these processes. As can debt purchasers, mortgage providers, credit card providers and other lenders. 

A unique view of affordability

By collating information provided by the consumer and the lender, along with open banking data and credit reference information, Aryza Recover creates a unique view of a consumer’s financial position.

Customisable journeys

The system can run a range of collection and repayment strategies across multiple products - allowing different rules and outcomes to be applied to each one, before configuring the outcomes to align with the lender’s business objectives.

Secure customer access

Customers can access a dashboard that includes details of their repayment plan, opportunities to switch and save on bills, and a handy benefit checker designed to find opportunities to increase disposable income.

Simple configuration

Set up the software to meet your requirements and align with your business's strategic approach and brand needs, including customised messaging, branding and your own tone of voice.

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Better journeys and outcomes for both lenders and customers

Customer self serve

Aryza Recover allows customers to easily review their own financial situation on a mobile, tablet or desktop.

A speedy overview

A quick way for lenders and customers to explore affordability and vulnerability, and get the best outcomes for everyone.

Quick to build with minimal integration

Speed-to-market is a priority, this software is quickly implemented with minimal input needed from internal IT.

Mirror your existing processes

Sophisticated rules are simple to configure within the system defining your own affordability, disposable income, and expected consumer contributions.

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Few people are comfortable discussing their financial situation, so it’s understandable that those experiencing problems struggle with the finer details. We have worked with Aryza to make it easier for organisations to work with people in this situation, by using Open Banking so people can share their data digitally and securely.

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