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Introducing Aryza Messenger
instant messaging portal with integrated Open Banking

Why choose us

Take the pain out of gathering verification documents with Aryza Messenger

Check individuals’ affordability and credit worthiness with ease

Let your clients provide supporting documents with their phone

Open Banking to get bank statements, verify individuals’ income and assess spending with categorised transactions

Real-time chat environment providing a secure and convenient way for debtors to finalise their solution

Credit reporting with outstanding debts verified within 5 minutes

Client Portal Software

With Open Banking integration, our client portal provides a seamless, slick and secure way to communicate with customers and assess individuals’ true affordability.

The portal connects users and their customers, to streamline the process to automate checklists and fully-configurable messages to perform:

All in one platform, within seconds.

Aryza Messenger features

Instant messenger tool to communicate directly with clients

Files can be shared and uploaded directly to Aryza HubSolv

Smart filing system which automatically loads documents into folders

Saved conversation history​

No need for downloads - compatible across devices and browser types

Automated and configurable chat responses

Clients & Partners

Find out how we can help you communicate with your customers securely


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