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Insolvency software to help you help your customers across the UK

Our Case Management System is designed to help manage the intricate, individual needs of corporate and personal cases  – from insolvency through recovery, and all the way back to full financial health.

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Special offer for Aryza customers – Aryza has teamed up with Syngrafii to provide a powerful electronic signature tool to our customers using Aryza Insolvency.

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Features & Functionality

Manage the intricate, individual needs of both corporate and personal insolvency cases

All-in-one portfolio management

Manage the unique requirements of a portfolio, from statutory tasks right through to cashbook management and document filing – all in one efficient, streamlined workflow.

A better customer experience

The journey back to financial health from insolvency can be a trying one. Our Case Management System (CMS) helps you make it as easy as possible for your customers to reach their recovery goals.

Fully customisable platform

The CMS can be adapted to meet your specific needs. Whoever you’re helping through financial difficulty, we can help ensure their journey meets your statutory requirements.

Easy integration, full compliance

Our CMS is designed for fast and simple integration with established third-party tools and systems, giving you greater efficiency and accuracy across the full journey.

Treating customers fairly

Our software offers appropriate, workable solutions for your customers based on their individual needs, identifies vulnerabilities, and ensures cases are always handled sensitively and safely.

Simple, automated communication

Aryza insolvency manages smart, automated and multiplatform communications directly to your customer, saving you time and resources – and giving your customer an easier way to respond.

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The UK’s most widely used insolvency management software.

Our tools make your clients' journeys out of insolvency a smoother, more simple process.

Integrated with regulatory bodies such as Companies House and The AIB, to allow an efficient transfer of data between both systems.

Our software is designed to adhere to Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) principles.

Open Banking integration takes the pain out of assessing options and affordability for your customers.

Featured product


Special offer for Aryza customers – Aryza is working with Cashflows to give our customers the ability to take payments and to build payment plans.

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Aryza announced as finalists in two categories at the Credit and Collections Technology Awards

centre for social justice

Aryza partner with the Centre for Social Justice to help tackle ‘hidden debt’ in Britain

Aryza announced as finalists at the Credit and Customer Service Awards, alongside BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK and Experian