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Find and offer suitable alternatives for customers who’ve been declined

Aryza Decline uses application information combined with Open Banking data to provide other, non-lending options to consumers who may be unsuitable for lending. 

Features & Functionality

Automated decisioning and signposting for declined customers

Through providing quick and accurate financial assessments, Aryza Decline enables you to effectively manage customers who may be declined for financial products. This makes it ideal for utilities providers such as energy, water, broadband and telecoms, as well as other lenders such as mortgage providers, credit card providers, vehicle finance and more. Learn more about the key features below.

White label

This is white label, totally unbranded software, meaning that if you have your own FCA debt advice permissions you can build your own white labelled version of Decline. Otherwise, you can work through the existing Freedom Finance interface.

Minimal integration & fast implementation

You won’t need heavy IT resources to implement the software into your systems, and as speed-to-market is a priority, you can expect to be up and running within 5-6 weeks.

Automated decisioning

The software enables rules-based automated decisioning to ensure your customers are presented with the most appropriate solution for their individual needs.

Campaign & workflow management

Easily automate ongoing communications with your customer throughout their journey, and design automated operational flows to streamline communication with your customer.

Assisted journeys

Agents can interact remotely within the same interface as the consumer to edit plans, update details and more, making customer support easier and more effective.

Secure file transfer

Aryza Decline allows you to import and export files instantly and safely, via Secure File Transfer Protocol – simple, secure, and always protected


You can create revenue from non-performing financial services leads via referral fees when you signpost customers to the insolvency and debt solution providers.

Working with Aryza and Freedom Finance

Perhaps the simplest way to use Aryza Decline is via the existing Freedom Finance interface. They can use their debt advice permissions to take your declined clients and work them through their established process. We have found this the best way to generate quick results.

Using your own debt advice permissions

If you have your own FCA permissions it is possible to work with us to build your own version of the Aryza Decline product. This can fit into your existing advisory processes.

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Better, more appropriate help for customers who are struggling with their money

Reduce stress for your customers by offering them a full range of both short and long-term options.

You can monetise non-performing leads by signposting customers to the appropriate products.

Provide consistent advice to your customers, always in line with your own permissions

A simple user journey provides clarity and direction to customers at a time of financial worry.


Freedom Finance

Aryza has been working with Freedom Finance over the past year to develop ‘Myfreedom’ – a version of the Debtsense product that has been designed for acquisition, management and engagement of their current user base.


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