aryza connect hub

Facilitating easy digital interaction between creditors and insolvency practitioners

A sophisticated communication gateway between IPs and creditors for insolvencies and other debt solutions, that allows creditors to engage closely with the debt solution process, without having to engage with an agent.

Features & Functionality

Making engagement simple, secure, fast and paper-free

Choose your medium

Creditors can select to view and receive documentation in a medium of their choice, and in a way that aligns with their own internal systems and processes.

Real-time communication

Creditors get notifications in real time, ensuring they are up-to-date on their customer’s journey. We ensure communications are sent when they need to be.

Reduced overheads

Creditors and practitioners can all engage through one platform, digitally and automatically, helping to reduce your administration overheads.

Full automation

Communication is fully automated, meaning the right messages will always get to the right people at the right time, helping your process run smoothly and more effectively.

Creditor support

Sophisticated functionality supports creditors through the insolvency process, and provides a document and data repository for the entire case lifecycle.

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A flexible approach to sending and receiving communications

Administration activities are centralised, digitised and automated.

Insolvency Practitioners are freed up to focus on case management.

IPs can use as a clean channel to communicate with creditors, and bring internal efficiencies to their operation.

Enjoy the efficiency of digital documents and digital communications.

Clients & Partners

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